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Fixed telephony

AastraAs Voiceworks dealer, Trinics makes use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the new standard for telephony, for voice and data solutions. We offer a modular telephony solutions for our corporate customer. With our modular design we can adapt our solutions to seamlessly fit into your needs, and to grow with your business. The high quality of our products and service excellence backed up by support, provide you with the guarantee that you will not have to worry about your telecommunications infrastructure. Our four flagship services in the field of telephony are Managed Voice, Voice Connect, Voice Select and Corporate Number.

Managed Voice

  • No central telephone equipment needed in your business
  • Make use of a state-of-the-art exchange and facilities of Voiceworks on a secure central location
  • Staff working from home and telecommuters can be reached on the same number
  • Easy to connect multiple locations
  • Interesting cost saving options

Voice Connect

  • Your telephone exchange is linked to the communications platform of Voiceworks
  • Maintaining your facility with fewer lines
  • Save on subscription fees and call charges
  • Easy to connect multiple locations

Voice Select

  • Take-over of call and contract costs
  • Fully automated switching process
  • Suitable for all types of phone lines and telephone switchboards
  • Smart analysis of your calling costs

Corporate Number

  • All your employees and offices are accessible through a single number
  • Increased accessibility to your organisation with sophisticated routing options
  • Service numbers (like. 088, 0800, 090x,)
  • International numbers (also tollfree numbers)
  • Capacity can easily be adapted to your needs

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