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Mobile telephony

In the current 24-hour economy, companies are making increasingly high demands regarding the telephonic availability of suppliers and partners. This has made good telephonic availability into a key demand for business success. As a result, the use of mobile phones has taken up a crucial position in business.

Trinics as Voiceworks dealer can offer the complete range of Voiceworks mobile services. Voiceworks offers a high-quality of fixed telephony services as well as smart mobile solutions. All this is done from its own mobile core network. With the addition of the mobile solutions, Voiceworks is the first provider in the Netherlands to launch a complete FMC portfolio on the market, as an MVNE on the reliable KPN radio network. You will be able to choose from three different mobile services.

Voiceworks Mobile

This service is the starting point of the offer of mobile telephone services, but still offers you more more than what you’ve come to expect from mobile telephony,for example 2 Mobile numbers. Price range form € 7.50 for a Voiceworks Mobile Free subscription till € 39,- for Mobile Blue Business subscription with unlimed calls and text messages + 1 GB data. Click here for more information.

Mobile Connect

This service connects the broad range of facilities of your own telephone switchboard with the ease of use of mobile services. All the facilities that you are used to with your telephone switchboard will also be available on your mobile phone(s). Click here for more information

Managed Mobile

This service forms the absolute pinnacle in the area of fixed-mobile integration. Thanks to the optimal integration, all fixed telephone facilities will also be available for mobile services. Click here for more information.