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The Online Workplace

The Online workspace consists of a Windows desktop which runs at servers in a Data Centre. The user has access to the Windows desktop via a secure connection over the Internet.

Online WerkplekThe personal remote environment can be reached from almost any device, like a PC, Laptop, Apple, or even an Android tablet, but also via a dedicated Thin Client device. That is a very simple PC that doesn't need maintenance and has no licensing costs. An excellent solution to cut the office costs.

Characteristic of the online work is that there is no local data, no servers in the office, and no need to make backups and now perhaps the most important: The employee can get access from anywhere to its environment, from the office, home, internet cafe, etc.


To see which applications are offered, click on the links below:

Standard applications

The online workspace contains a number of standard applications and facilities, such as:

  • Workplace portal via SSL
  • Terminal Server user account
  • Notepad, Calculator, Internet Explorer, PDF reader
  • Public & Personal Folder 2 GB file storage per account / mail (incl backup)
  • Network printer support
  • 24 * 7 service management
  • Helpdesk & Support - during office hours
  • Anti Virus / MS Forefront

Optional applications

In addition a number of optional applications are possible, such as:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Exchange Mail + Webmail
  • OpenOffice
  • Google Apps
  • It is also possible to expand with specific business applications.